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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Going up for a while

With the new AirAsia site, we needed some minor tweak (for now) to get it to work and also some modification to the crawler. We should have done more testing, but due to the promotion by AirAsia we thought that Flyous is in a state sufficient enough to be released for usage. Leave any problems or bugs you notice in the comment, thanks :)

We have been experimenting the addition of Australia and Singapore for the past few months, and it is now available for preview. We are working on a disk space and bandwidth constrain environment but we are very happy with it. We made use of some of the hosting feature to get this to work, so please bear with us on any hiccups.

We may be taking it down after the promotion to ensure that everything is working properly, so do enjoy Flyous!

P.S.: Flyous is pronounce fly·ous, just like joy·ous. Hope that would clear some confusion on the pronunciation.

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